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“There’s a long drive… that one is going way up. … It is off the roof! That hit the transformer up there! A tremendous smash.”Baltimore Orioles

Boston will be among the buyers in the next few weeks, and if Duran performs well facing MLB-level competition it will only raise his stock.

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What makes him bigger than baseball: His magnetism. Watch a game in which Tatis is playing and it's difficult to look at anything else. It's the pupu platter of appeal: the size, the grace, the dynamism. It's the length of his stride and the bounce of his dreads, the smoothness of his swing and the strength of his arm. Tatis is appointment viewing because one night he'll hit a 450-foot home run and the next he'll do the splits and the one after that he'll leap like a basketball player and then he'll uncork a new kind of bat flip. In a game that has been around for more than 150 years, he is its greatest threat to do something that's never been done.Oakland Athletics

The prize money was also an incentive. Finishing first in the Derby will net a cool $1 million– or one-third of Ohtani’s $3 million salary this season to star as a pitcher and slugging hitter for the Los Angeles Angels.San Diego Padres

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It just adds to the legend, Obara says, even topping that moment at their high-school dormitory when Ohtani woke up late. He rushed out, but at 6-foot-4, his head slammed into the lower door frame.

Ohtani was the top seed in Monday's derby but was eliminated in the first round after he lost a swing-off to Washington's Juan Soto.
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Over those two seasons, he so often covered for the Yankees’ offensive inadequacy. In 2021, the first year of a six-year, $90 million contract, he has been part of it, his strikeout rate spiking from 9.7% last year to 15% this year, his worst since 2015. His weighted on-base average has dropped from .429 to .320, his OBP from .421 to .351.Chicago White Sox